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Who Are "The Freemen"?

(Since 2010 Gregorian)

... any collection of musicians who join me to play tunes, especially songs of fun & freedom

So far.... In Britain

Indie Niall

(AKA Hynesie, Martin Hynes)...

Hynesie Bass

& Erbish

(AKA Dirk Forsdyke)


Both formerly of 'Tuscan Raiders'



In Belgium & Holland

Andy Bell...

Andy Bell

& Dylan Banjo


Road Trip Piss Up De Pub Poster Road Trip Playing

Don't Stop Smoking




And in France...

The Two Guillaume's

Guillaume-Batteur Guillaume Guitare Les Freres Salope

Freeman & Guillaume Guitare

The French Freemen

AKA "Les Frères Salope"!


Who will be next....?

Peace, Love and Freedom

Litmus A Freeman


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